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Location: The town of Devin is located in the heart of the Western Rhodopes, 50 km away from Smolyan and 25 km from Shiroka Laka. It lies cuddled in ancient pine forest and is divided by river Shirokolashka.

Population: 7 051 inhabitants.

That is a town with many thermal springs and offers ideal conditions for medical treatment of different diseases with mineral water. The water from the different springs varies in temperature from 15oC to 45oC. It is feebly mineralized, but is very rich of chemical elements. These waters are recommended for treatment of wide variety of diseases such as stomach and gut, kidneys, skin, respiratory and different allergies etc. South from Devin is Devinska mountain and east from it is the upland Chernatitsa. These mountains surrounding the town from all sides are protecting it from the strong and cold north-west and western winds, and that is why locals are enjoying a very pleasant climate mild winter and relatively cool summer with great number of sunny days. The air is fresh and clear with mild humidity. In Devin there are hotels from all categories that offer swimming pools, thermal centers and many more. Most of these hotels are brand new. This exceptional climate, mineral waters, excellent hotel base as well as the natural beauty, cultural and historical landmarks turn Devin into a first-class resort.


  • Shiroka Laka is a village 21 km from Devin and 24 km from Smolyan that is proclaimed for a cultural and ethnographical reserve. Here a visitor can travel through time and feel the atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival. The village rises in tiers on the two banks of river Shirokolashka, at an altitude of 1060 m. It is found in 17th century after one of the cruelest forcible inculcation of Islam from Ottoman Turks in the whole Rhodope region. The first settlers found refuge here and managed to keep their Christian faith and values. In present day one of the two existing National Schools of Folk Art is in Shiroka Laka and its students spread the magic of Bulgarian folklore around the world.

  • The village of Gela is about 7 km from Shiroka Laka. That is one of the oldest villages in the whole Rhodope region. Many bits and facts allow scientists to maintain the opinion that this is the native place of the mythical singer and musician Orpheus.

  • The village of Stoykite is about 35 km from Devin, 15 km from Smolyan and 7 km from Pamporovo. Here a tourist can visit the local school, the local community center and a few good churches.

  • The village of Beden is 12 km from Devin and 38 km from Smolyan. Beautiful village, which deserves to be visited because of the stunning scenery and lovely views a tourist can enjoy. There are hotels and guest houses, charming rental rooms in many local homes so the visitor can fully relax in the calmness and freshness of the local nature. That is the native village of Youri Boukoff (1923-2006), one of the greatest piano players of Europe who lived and worked in Paris.

At about 30 km south from Devin a tourist can see few of the Rhodope natural wonders:

  • Trigrad beautiful village situated at 23 km from Devin.

  • Trigradsko zhdrelo (The gorge of Trigradska River) on the road that leads from Devin to Trigrad - immense sheer rocks, dug in the marble that at some places form very narrow passage. Stunning view.

  • Dyavolskoto garlo cave (Devils throat cave) 21 km from Devin and 2 km from Trigrad. Falling through a precipice with depth of 42 m, the waters of Trigradska river flow through that huge and extraordinary cave, in which the river has formed 18 underground waterfalls.

  • Buynovsko zhdrelo (The gorge of Buynovska River) the gorges of Buynovo are situated a few kilometers south from Trigrad, along the course of river Buynovska, feeder of river Vacha. Not far from the crossroad of Teshel, the rocks almost touch each other forming majestic gorges. The wild waters of the river have dug through the limestone creating a real magical place in the mountain. The rocks are so close to each other that a man will have the feeling he can easily jump on the other side. That place is called the Wolfs jump and locals from the village of Yagodina tell stories for the hungry wolfs who come here during the winter and cross the gorge at that particular place to attack the herds. In the valley of a small tributary to river Buynovska there is another natural phenomenon the Devils bridge. This rocky arch is 10 m long and 2-3 m wide, at a height of 30 m above the wild waters. According to the legend only the Devil can pass over to the other side.

  • Yagodinska cave 1 km from the detour of the road to Yagodina village is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian caves Yagodinska cave.