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Pavel banya

Location: The town of Pavel banya is located in the famous Valley of Roses at about 24 km West from Kazanlak, 90 km Nord-East from Plovdiv and 185 km East from Sofia.

Population: 2933 inhabitants

Remains of Roman baths and a Christian church found during the construction of a spa treatment in the years 1939-1940 show clearly that the town has a long history. The town with its present looks was built a little after the Rousso-Turkish war (1877-1878).

Today Pavel banya is an important SPA center with seven thermal springs gushing-out water at a temperature of 63oC. Several hotels and therapy centers welcome those who wish to relax, but also treat their ailments. Water Pavel banya is recommended for the treatment of degenerative diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, post-traumatic and orthopedic diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system, etc..

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