Terms of sale


Reservations for organized trips and for all products of Rual Travel are made in the offices of Rual Travel, in the offices of the authorized travel agencies or by electronic way directly in this site. Any reservation to be valid must be accompanied with the remittance of a down payment of 30%. The outstanding balance of 70%, must be poured at the latest 10 days before departure. After reception of every payment, an invoice will be sent to you. In case of missing payment in the above mentioned time frame, Rual Travel saves the right to cancel envisaged stay and no refund will be implemented.

Necessary documents

All nationals of the countries of the European Union can travel with their valid Identity cards. The nationals of other countries have to inquire about conditions of the regime of circulation between their country and countries included in the chosen trip. Rual Travel will not take the responsibility of settlement of all formalities before departure under no circumstances whatsoever. The client itself must take care of all formalities prior to travel (passport, visa if necessary), including customs formalities.


Rual Travel is an authorized tour operator: license number 00062.
Rual Travel takes full responsibility for the quality of all services included in the program.
Rual Travel is not responsible for any loss of property, damage, delays, additional expenses or inconvenience due to reasons beyond the control of the tour operator such as: weather events, attacks, epidemics, traffic congestion, failures, strikes, delays or unforeseen incidents. Rual Travel is not responsible for rerouting caused by fault of the airline carriers. Customers are obliged to respect the laws of the countries where they travel. Customer bears full responsibility for his own failure to comply with these laws, failing to present the necessary documents for departure, and at any delay (even if caused by force majeure in moving to the starting point of the journey by air, rail or road transport, of which Rual Travel is not a provider) and will take upon himself all additional costs caused by these circumstances.

Cancellations and modifications

1) Cancellation on behalf of the customer
If the cancellation takes place
  • More than 30 days before departure date, 100% of the poured down payment will be reimbursed;
  • Between 29 to 15 days before the date of departure 10% of the full cost of the travel will be charged as a penalty fee;
  • Between 14 to 7 days before the date of departure 20% of the full cost of the travel will be charged as a penalty fee;
  • Between 6 to 4 days before the date of departure 30% of the full cost of the travel will be charged as a penalty fee;
  • Between 3 to 1 days before the date of departure 50% of the full cost of the travel will be charged as a penalty fee;
  • In case of cancellation in the day of the departure (no show) 100% of the full cost of the travel will be charged as a penalty fee.

2) Cancellation on behalf of RUAL TRAVEL
Rual Travel saves the right to cancel a departure in case of internal organizational problems, in which case the entirety of the down payment will be restored.

MODIFICATIONS: Each postponement of the departure date will be treated as cancellation and the above mentioned penalty fees will be applied. During the trip: if the customer cuts short his stay, he wont be able to claim any reimbursement, and implementation of any additional services shall be subject to surcharge in place.


In accordance with the dispositions of the article 42 of the Law of Tourism, Rual Travel signed a contract of insurance Responsibility of the Tour operator with the insurance company ARMEETS SA, tel: 003592 986 77 84, 1000 Sofia, Stefan Karadja str. No 2, Bulgaria contract nimber 0950013150000109527/24.11.2009.
Enrollment for all programs and products of Rual Travel requires customer to have health insurance. If the customer is not insured before the trip, he is obliged to warn Rual Travel, the agency will require the customer to sign a declaration of her release from liability upon his arrival in Bulgaria. In all cases it is important for the customer to carry a copy of the contract with his insurer (or number of the insurance policy), because the client is personally responsible for the declaration of a claim to its insurer.


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